The beast (aka luggage) is out again. Mom barely got home, off she goes.... We don't like it.... She said she will be back quickly this time. She is going somewhere called "the Valley". Hope she doesn't fall off.... That would be awful!
There is something about laying on the couch, under the ceiling fan.... catching a nice breeze on the right spot.
Now, now... There is a technique for it. You have to flop just right to achieve maximum airflow. As you can see, I tried my best to demonstrate it to Lucky, but she doesn't really get it.
Oh well...
Bugsy demonstrates the "catching a breeze" technique to Lucky
Hi friends, Hope here!
Momma is finally back! She apawlogizes for not writing.... She said her compooter was not working in the city of sins. I think she was just sinning around..... She says no.... She was working ALL THE TIME.
If she was working, how does she explain this picture? This doesn't look like working to me?
Anyways, she is back and that's all that matters...... yep - yard time!! Woohoo!!!
We are having a blast with momma..... Bugsy even hunted a moth.... it was HUGE and guess what? He ATE IT! Gross!
Have a great weekend friends!!

From Texas to the "Sin City".... Mooooomm... Come Back!!!

Love, Bugsy
Hi furriends, Bugsy here!
The beast is back... and this time it's the big green one.... Bad sign. That means mom is going away for a while and I don't like it one bit.
She was already away last night - get this: she was fixing to make us dinner in the kitchen (she was very late for dinner already, the nerves!), then she went to the garage to get out prey in the cold box and didn't come back until morning! We could see her outside through the window and we have NO idea why she was hanging out with the stray kitties instead of us..... OMG - thank GOODNESS she made by breakfast - we would died of hunger!
She said something about getting locked out and snoozing on the floor with the bugs - I hope she had all kinds of fun hunting!!
Anyway, mom said she is going to try to write from a city where a lot of people sin - whatever that means.

Can you spot the introoder?

Mac vs the Introoder!
Introoder watches Mac
The nerves friends! I tried peeing right on his face, but my butt just didn't go that high. Mom stood there with the shiny box instead of bringing me the ladder - hoomans!
Making the rounds tonight spraying as much as I can - this is a big yard so I have to drink lots of extra water for the task at hand.
Will keep peeing as much as necessary - someone needs to protect this house!
Hi friends, Bugsy here!
It's Monday, time to go back to work - mom says I am her favorite assistant.... Ok.... Right.... I appreciate my salary in meat, the time off in the yard, and the siesta she lets me have.... But really - could she give me a bigger desk?
I simply can not purrform properly all twisted like that!
Hi Friends, Bugsy here!
For some odd reason mom thought it was exciting to record dinner at our home.... Well, so there you have it.
It goes something like this: She kills the prey - she is pretty good at it I have to say.... We watch her very carefully, and she is faster with that knife than we would be with our teeth - we leave it up to her. Besides, why bother? Let her do the work - why not?
So we just sit around throwing her ugly looks and yelling our throats off.
Then she locks me in a room (she says if she doesn't I will eat everyone's food), serves Lucky and Hope, and walks all the way to the other side of the house to lock Mac up - apparently boys know what's up.
Anyway..... She thought it was amusing... Hoomans, you know?
Mom is taking over the computer today as there is quite a bit of news to tell.... (Sorry kiddos!!)
First and foremost, thank you for the warm welcome - it is so nice to see that you guys still remember and care about us <3
I have been lurking the Blogosphere, looking, checking on everyone.... I miss it here.... SO MUCH has happened in my life... Life just got the best of me....
But I miss it here, and I want to be back.....
Anyway, Let's start with the best news of all - Bugsy!! You guys remember all the heath issues he had - IBD, his many many many trips to the vet, ER, all the meds he used to take..... He was always so so sick..... GONE. All GONE!
Since we switched to raw Bugsy has been off all meds and 100% healthy - he is doing phenomenal!
To top it off, he lost almost EIGHT pounds of fat, and is now a lean, mean carnivore machine!! :D
Of course I transitioned all my cats to raw, and they are all doing fantastic!! I feed a home-made diet and they LOVE LOVE LOVE!!

Lucky gave me a run for my money on the transition - that girl was a die-hard kibble addict. Took her three solid months to even lick (and I mean a tiny lick!) raw meat........ And today she just about does back flip at meal times!
That girl sure tested my patience...

Hope is doing Great too!
She is still my little semi-feral, still skittish.... But ever so sweet! Such a special little girl! LOVE her to pieces!!!!
She took to the new diet immediately - this one never doubted her carnivore roots :D

As for mom.......

Mom bought a house! YEY!!! We are no longer cramped in a tiny little one bedroom apartment! We now live in a three bedroom house with a big backyard!
The yard is fully protected with a cat-fence, so the kitties can go out and have a blast safely - they LOVE IT!!!
I do not have a pet door as it gets too hot in here in Texas and Bugsy and Hope are white so I want to control when they are out. But boy, are we having fun!
Mom also has a new job since April 2012, and she couldn't be happier..... In love with life, working for and with WONDERFUL people, and having the time of her life. Life has been very very good for us.
Just busy..... The travel schedule is even busier than before..... Out an average of three weeks of the month (always in for the weekends though), and in for a week.
We have two wonderful pet sitters that move-in and sleep in here when mom travels, so the kids are never really alone.

Well, for now those are the news, I guess..... This is getting long!
I will try to be here more often - Again, thank you for welcoming back - it gave me the warm fuzzies to see you here <3

Mom, Lucky, Bugsy, Hope and Mac!
Hello everyone!! It's been a LONG time!! For those who remember us..... There is soooooo much to tell! All great news though, we are doing FANTASTIC! But today I want to introduce to you our very special newcomer - MacCreamy <3
Mac came to us in January, from the same rescue I got Lucky, Bugsy and Hope. He had rough time before coming here.... a past of abuse and neglect, and needed a special place to call his forever home.
Without further ado, Meet my precious Mac!

MacGrumpy’s Story

Written by MeLinda Hughes, Merlin Hope Ragdoll Rescue

"I wasn’t always an outside cat. I was loved, I was pampered, I was cuddled. I don’t remember why my people suddenly kicked me outside. Maybe they forgot I didn’t have any claws to protect me; maybe they didn’t care.
I spent weeks trying to find something to eat. People would chase me off with brooms and rakes. I don’t know why. I am a handsome fellow. I’ve been told my flame coat is beautiful and that my eyes are bright blue. I tried to tell the people I saw I needed help, but no one cared. They just chased me away. “Dirty feral,” they would say.
“Feral? I don’t know what that means, but I am not wild,” I thought.

My coat got more and more matted. I could feel it rubbing me raw. It hurt; I was hungry; I was alone; I was angry. The next time someone chased me away from food, I growled back. “Be mean to me, and I’ll be mean back,” I thought.

Then, a man in a uniform came. He had a long stick. I don’t like long sticks, so I tried to run away, but it had a loop on it, and he caught me with a loop around my neck. I fought; I screamed; I growled. Betrayed by my people; betrayed again.

I was shoved in a metal box in a moving box, like the ones that I had to watch to make sure they didn’t hit me. Now, I was stuck in one with no way to get away.

Then, they took me a place that smelled bad. I could smell dogs, like the ones that chased me all the time. I could smell other cats, like the ones that chased me away from food and their yards. I could smell humans, like the ones that tossed me out like garbage.

 I was stuck in a metal box with bars on it. Because they said I was aggressive, no one tried to touch me. They stuck a box with litter and food and water in my cage. One human lady tried to be nice to me, but I wasn’t letting her. I don’t like humans; I don’t want anything to do with them. I didn’t know, but she called a lady at a Ragdoll rescue and asked if I might be a Ragdoll. She sent her a picture, and the rescue lady said yes and she would come see me.

 I saw her that day. She came and looked at me through my bars. I just huddled in the back. When they tried to pull me out of my metal box, I fought back. I growled, I slapped at them, and I even tried to bite them. I kept at it for 45 minutes.

 The rescue lady finally asked everyone to step back and she stuck her head part of the way in my metal box. She told me, “If you don’t come on, I am going to leave you here to die. You WILL die. It’s your choice.”

 “Well, fine, maybe I’ll just die,” I thought. “It isn’t like anyone cares.” But she kept looking at me as if she was just waiting for me.

“Fine,” I thought. “I’ll go with her, and I make her miserable.”

So, they finally grabbed me by my scruff. I mean really, how undignified is that? I fought again, but it was too late. They had crammed me in a carrier.

 She took me in another moving metal box and then took me and put me in a large cage. I let her know I didn’t like it by biting her. She came two or three times a day, every day, to feed me and to talk to me. I watched her walk by and play with the other cats, but I didn’t want any of that. I had had my own humans and look what they did to me.

 She kept on, finally sticking her hands in the cage. I bit her again and again. I didn’t need her touching me; I didn’t want her touching me. I noticed that she wore long sleeves all the time to cover up my bites. HA! I’ll teach her to bother me.

 One day, I heard her talking on the phone. “I just don’t know how much more I can take,” she said. “I don’t dare let him out of the cat condo, because I won’t be able to catch him. I don’t think he is ever going to settle down, and he needs to be groomed, but I can’t even touch him.”

The next time she came I bit her even harder. Maybe she would just give up on me like everyone else had. 

Then, torture of all torture was coming my way. She opened the door, threw a blanket over me, and wrapped me up like a cat burrito. Seriously! I tried to kill her, but she threw part of the blanket over my face, so I couldn’t bite her, crammed me in a carrier, and dumped me at a stinky office.

 Yes, I had been betrayed and dumped again. Someone made me sleep, and when I woke up I discovered my complete betrayal: THEY STOLE MY HAIR! I mean, really.
It’s not bad enough she was torturing me, but now she had someone take off my hair, my beautiful hair. I mean it was dirty and it had bugs and leaves in it, but it was MY hair.

I heard the vet say, “He has a lot of hot spots. You are going to need to put medicine on it.” She laughed, “Are you kidding? I can’t even touch him.”

When she brought me home, she put me back in the cage and told me, “I am so sorry. I know it hurts. Why don’t I give you some canned food?”

I didn’t remember what canned food was, but seriously, it smelled good. I reached out, slapped her hand, and used my paw to pull the bowl toward me.

“Oh, you like that, do you?” she said. “Well, if you want it, you are going to have to eat it while I am holding it.” She made me do it every time I wanted food. Seriously, it was embarrassing, but it smelled really, really good. I could do it.

Then, she started TOUCHING me. I tried to bite her, but she pulled my food back. Really, what kind of devil was she? Stealing my food from me? Fine, she could pet me while she was holding my food.

Well, all right, maybe she could pet me while she wasn’t holding my food. She started telling people she thought I might make it. She gave me my own room. It was pink, which is not manly, but fine, at least I had my own room. Then, one day, she opened the door and all these cats came in and started sniffing me. I growled at them, but they just ignored me. Fine, I would come out then. At least I wasn’t in that pink room anymore.

One day, I jumped up on the cabinet, and she patted her shoulders. I jumped up and put my paws on her shoulders and just looked at her in the face, and she cried, really cried. Silly woman, I have no idea what her problem is. I bite her; she just keeps on talking to me; I do something nice and she cries. Those weird humans.

Finally, she told me that she had found me the perfect home where I would be my own boss. I would have to share my new human with three other cats, but I would be happy there, and you know what, humans, I AM! I have been in my new home for several months, and I have a new brother, Bugsy, and two new sisters, Hope and Lucky. I even have a new name: Mac. I am not MacGrumpy anymore. I am MacCreamy, but you can call me Mac. I have a new name for a new life.

My new mommy takes pictures and makes videos of us all the time. She even made it so we can go in her backyard and play. I have learned that not all humans betray you. Some of them just love you."

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